St. George Green Chile Vodka 750mL



5/5 Stars/Highest Recommendation, Spirit Journal 
Jalapeño, serrano, habanero, bell peppers. Shows an oyster/electrum coloring that is really a slight tint and superb purity. As someone who perceives peppers as a sort of spiritual experience, this opening aroma is nirvana as the dominant fragrances are the serrano and habanero peppers as they should be due to their high levels of capsaicinoids (the tasteless chemical compounds in the flesh of peppers that bind to taste receptors in our mouths), producing the feeling of heat/pain; in fact, the presence of capsaicinoids is so prevalent in this vodka that their molecules prick the membranes in my nose, causing my eyes to water a bit; the second passes are even more intense and concentrated than the first. Entry profile is surprisingly mild, yet delectably zesty and tangy without being a three-alarm fire in the mouth; midpalate is delightfully oily/viscous, acutely peppery (more green bell and Jalapeño) and approachable, tasty, and integrated. Finishes long, just slightly hot, actually, more warm than hot, and remarkably pepper-like and real. A model of how vodka flavoring can take imbibers on a memorable journey of discovery.

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