Sparkle Donkey Silver Tequila 750mL



93 Points, Beverage Testing Institute
Savory aromas of coconut custard, baked plantains and sweet potatoes, pickle, and roasted pepper with a soft, dryish medium body and a gentle, anise, sweet cream, herb, pepper and mineral accented finish. Polished and elegantly styled.

The story of the Sparkle Donkey — or El Burro Esparkalo as he is better known — began as little more than a local anecdote about a humble-yet-noble creature that, in dire times, delivered liquid salvation to many who were in need. But as time passed and word of his strange, lustrous aura and invigorating, ambrosial drink spread, the Sparkle Donkey became a powerful symbol of hope — an iconic and inscrutable totem that resonates to this very day.

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