Scofflaw Basement IPA 6pk


Atlanta, Georgia

Recommended by Vince, Beer Lead @Abercorn St.

94th Percentile,
Brewer's Notes: Shhh! Don’t ask about what was happening in the basement, where this juicy IPA was developed in our underground brewery… The beer that emerged pours a deep persimmon with fluffy khaki foam. The dank aroma emanating from this Basement is one of earthy tones, citrus and a hint of lemongrass all derived from Citra hops. It’s balanced with a pale malt body that carries hop aroma and flavor in every sip. There is a hint of alcohol heat on the way down for this hop-forward, Northeast-style IPA with characteristic unfiltered haze and a sweet finish. Beer geeks rejoice -- but you have to leave your parents’ basement to get it.

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