Ocean Organic Vodka 750mL

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93 Points, Ultimate Spirits Challenge
This spirit has a rich and giving mouth feel that hints toward sweetness without becoming cloying or saccharine. The finish is clean and fresh and quite pleasant. A pure expression that will blend nicely with soda or fruit juices. 

A Sustainable Approach
Our devotion to a sustainable approach compels us to utilize only the safest, most eco-friendly production methods available. We are careful to employ responsible processes and use the most earth-friendly raw materials we can find, beginning with our water source.

The farming of sugar cane is by select harvest, harvesting ripe cane and leaving babies to mature for the next harvest. This helps in land and soil conservation by not using the practice of cane burning to clear strip the land.

Our bottles are made with recycled glass. In addition to the benefit of reuse, our glass material melts faster and at a lower temperature than new glass to conserve energy during the manufacturing process.

Finally, we optimize natural lighting in our facilities, recycle all shipping materials, and utilize all natural cleaning products and post-consumer office supplies.

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