New Realm Hoptropolis IPA 6pk


Atlanta, Georgia

Very Good, Beer Advocate
Brewer's Notes: Hoptropolis is a thriving hop mecca built upon a foundation of Citra, Mosaic, Loral and Azacca hops. It’s an American IPA with tropical fruit, floral, citrus and stone fruit hop aromatics. The beer pours a strikingly golden color with a light haze. Upon arrival to Hoptropolis, the first thing to notice is its enticing aroma, which is intensely fruity, reminiscent of fruit cocktail with lots of pear, peach and pineapple plus a distinctly dank, but balanced finish. Taste is dry and crisp with pleasant lingering bitterness. You’ll want to spend a little extra time exploring this hop haven - there’s so much to sip & do.

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