Fruitland Augusta GA Peach Vodka 750mL


Augusta, Georgia

Fruitland Augusta crafts the only peach-flavored vodkas made with real Georgia Peaches! Tastes just like biting into a peach!

History of Fruitland Nurseries: The history of Fruitland goes back to 1853, when Augusta Judge, Benjamin Warren sold his 315-acre property to a local indigo farmer named Dennis Redmond, who named the property "Fruitland." He grew peaches, apples, grapes, strawberries and many kinds of trees and shrubs on the property. Redmond also began building a large house on the property he called "Fruitland Manor," which still remains as the clubhouse at the golf course. In 1857, father and son, Louis and Prosper Berckmans, Belgian immigrants journeyed to America via New Jersey finally settling on Augusta as the perfect land to build their nursery. 

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