Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka 750mL



GMO-Free Potatoes 

95 Points, Ultimate Spirits Challenge
You certainly canêt hide that this vodka was made from potatoes. The starchy white potato character starts out on the nose and follows through to the palate. A subtly oily mouthfeel is the clincher.

About the Distillery: Pennsylvania Pure Distillers employs traditional artisan methods of distillation in an effort to craft the highest quality distilled spirits that are 100% made in the USA. Not only does Boyd & Blair utilize locally grown, GMO-free potatoes for its vodka, the distillery prides itself on its lack of automated controls. Boyd & Blair is produced from its own original mash, taste is the guide throughout the distillation process, and it is brought to proof using reverse osmosis water produced on-site. The goal is a zero carbon footprint throughout the production process.

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