Allagash White 4pk


Portland, Maine 

100 Points/World Class, The Allstrom Brothers, Beer Advocate; Featured, Savannah Craft Brew Fest 2018
...Cloudy pale yellow in colour with a creamy big bubbled lace that shows no problem of retaining...An extravagant spicy mix and a touch of lemon hit the nose sharp. Coriander and orange peel are evident as well as an earthy yeast. Taste: Crisp and a bit smooth with a moderate body and medium carbonation. Soft flavours of barley and wheat are cut by a flare of spiciness, coriander is a bit dominant. The orange peel is a touch bitter with a soft rind like flavour. A little touch of fruit (pear & plum), yeast and a dash of hop bitterness in the finish. The fermented wheat provides a lingering spiciness that fades slowly in the semi-dry finish. -AB

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